Abbey Liftcare views the lift industry from a customer’s perspective, tailoring our services to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

Common customer complaints in the industry focus on not knowing whether monthly service visits have been carried out or waiting 3 days for your 'out of order' lift to be repaired. Communication of up to date information is vital for the management of busy sites.

We succeed in these problem areas by thinking differently, such as limiting the number of lifts each engineer services. This allows Abbey Liftcare’s engineers to complete all scheduled service visits on time, as well as allowing them to spend more time on troublesome lifts, which in turn reduces breakdowns. This allows them more time to service the lifts thoroughly. 

Another major customer complaint is lack of communication, whether with regards to reporting, or being kept informed about the state of a lift when it has malfunctioned.  Our computer based Service Management System (SMS), via the engineers PDAs, allows seamless transfer of information in real time between office, engineer and customer. The engineer completes a service or call-out, sends the electronically signed sheet on completion of the job to our SMS via his PDA, which in turn automatically emails the sheet to the client, all within minutes. So, you know when the service or call-out has been completed and you have the detailed report on your desk. All in real time!

Our clients include organisations such as NHS Hospital Trusts, local authorities and  large property company portfolios. Abbey Liftcare enjoys long term relationships with our clients, which is an endorsement of the consistent quality, value for money and level of service provided.

Abbey Liftcare provides excellent value for money because lifts are maintained to the highest standard, parts last longer, and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

We have a number of different types of service contracts, all can be tailored to meet the requirements of our individual clients. We also are fully equipped to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA) of all tendered specifications.

The 3 main types of contracts that we operate are:


Our standard Comprehensive contract includes Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM), breakdowns during normal working hours and part(s) replacement.


Our Interim contract includes the PPM and breakdowns during normal working hours. Part replacement is additional to the contract sum.

ROUTINE - [Download]

Our Routine contract only includes the PPM. All breakdowns and part replacement are additional to the contract sum.

Working Practices

All engineers work with PDAs.

Service sheets sent directly to our Service Management System on completion of the job.

Once received from PDAs, email service reports and call-out sheets are sent to client’s email address automatically. 

Quotations that need to be addressed from our reports are issued within 48 hours from receipt of the report. If a site survey is required, this would be extended to five working days. Insurance report defects are quoted within five working days. Works that are within the contract terms are, of course, carried out free of charge.