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Modernising a 31 floor lift in an NHS hospital with minimal disruption


The Challenge

Abbey Liftcare won a major modernisation tender from a large NHS trust in Central London to replace a lift car, hoisting machine, lift well entrances, safety gear and all associated equipment. NHS personnel occupied all floors and the lift had been isolated for two years prior to the works, the challenge was to modernise the lift without disrupting the different health care facilities on each floor. The communal areas were severely congested so moving large pieces of equipment was restrictive and set areas and routes were laid out.

Our Solution

After consulting each floor occupier to assess the busy periods, we drew up and shared a program of works with times and date for when we would be working on any given floor. This extensive program of works and the liaising with each floor occupant minimised disruption to patients and prevented delays. 

Abbey Liftcare used the latest technology in gearless hoisting machinery and car door equipment to enable smooth maneuvering of the lift machinery around the hospital with minimal disruption to the patients and staff. Following the safe installation in the lift motor room, the lift machine was 50% smaller and 60% lighter than the original lift machine.


The equipment used by Abbey Liftcare incorporated many energy efficient credentials. Using the latest in German technology control panels with ‘eco’ functions and regenerative drive systems helped to reduce the hospital’s costs and carbon foot print. With the introduction of the newly modernised lift, the people traffic flow improved and congestion significantly reduced. The gearless machinery and the professional installation of the refurbished variable frequency controlled landing door equipment will enable the lift to enjoy many years of trouble free operation – delivering people safely to their floor of choice.

Original Lift Machine Example                                      New AC Gearless Machine Example
The older lift machine weighed over 1000kg, the new lift machine above including the traction sheave weighed 556kg and significantly dimensionally smaller.

Original Lift Entrance                                                       Newly Refurbished Lift Entrance

The replacement lift entrances were installed in conjunction with the trust and the staff at the corresponding floor to reduce the disruption to patients and staff. 
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